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December 10, 2021

U.S. Supreme Court Signals Openness To Overturning Roe v. Wade

On December 1, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case that could determine the future of abortion in America. 

The case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, involves the Gestational Age Act, a Mississippi law passed in 2018 that prohibits abortions after 15 weeks (with limited exceptions). But the ruling could impact the entire country, as Mississippi asked the court to overrule Roe v. Wade, the Court's tragic 1973 ruling that has resulted in the deaths of more than 62 million unborn children.

Following oral arguments, some commentators believe they know the Court is poised to deliver a massive victory for life:

"In our system, interpreting the law is a rigorous logical discipline, which recognizes the Constitution's preeminence. If the justices remember that and do their jobs, Roe will take its rightful place on history's ash heap."
   - "The Supreme Court Hears Dobbs," by Andrew McCarthy, National Review (Dec. 1, 2021)

"A majority of Supreme Court justices seemed poised to consider repealing Roe v. Wade by the end of oral arguments on Wednesday."
    - "Will Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization Be the End of Roe? 5 Takeaways From Wednesday's Supreme Court Hearings," by Emma Specter, Vogue (Dec. 1, 2021)

"The pro-life movement should rejoice with how the SCOTUS oral argument went. I count six votes upholding the Mississippi law and 5 to 6 directly overturning Roe. Only Sotomayor defended the more extreme arguments of the pro-abortion side (and poorly)."
    - Roger Severino, Senior Fellow at Ethics and Public Policy Center, Twitter (Dec. 1, 2021)

Despite the positive signs, the battle is not over. The decision may not be issued until June 2022, and abortion activists will seek to influence the verdict any way they can. Join us in praying for the justices, and that God would cause them to rule in favor of life, and to strike down Roe v. Wade once and for all!

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