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October 14, 2022

Vanderbilt Backs Down

We recently told you about how a gender transitioning program at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC), one of the most prestigious hospital systems in the south, was exposed by the real investigative journalism of Matt Walsh and the Daily Wire.

They uncovered videos of Vanderbilt hospital executives bragging about how much money they could make by performing "gender transitioning surgeries" on children.

Other videos showed their disdain not just for normalcy, but also for the conscience rights of Christian medical professionals who object to such procedures.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee demanded an investigation, and scores of state legislators publicly rebuked VUMC. There was also a huge backlash from Vanderbilt alumni and donors.

Late Friday afternoon, the hospital announced that it was "pausing all gender affirmation surgeries for minors," pending a review that could take months. The hospital also acknowledged that lawmakers were likely to address the issue in its upcoming legislative session, and it promised they would "comply with any new requirements."

Hospital administrators may be hoping their "pause" will quell the controversy, so they can get back to making big bucks mutilating children as quickly as possible.

But for the time being at least, these grotesque procedures appear to have been stopped at Vanderbilt, and that's good news indeed. It's not every day that Christian conservatives can claim a victory, and this is a win for common sense and parental rights.

To all our friends in Tennessee, please take a moment to contact your state legislators. Urge them to protect children from damaging and irreversible medical interventions.

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