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June 05, 2023

WHO’s Threat

This Memorial Day, Americans once again remembered, recognized, praised and gave thanks to God for patriots who gave their all, even unto death, to preserve and protect our nation. Meanwhile, halfway around the globe, faceless bureaucrats and their enablers in our own government are moving forward on a plan that will end America's sovereign ability to govern ourselves.

The World Health Organization (WHO) held its 10th annual World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland. Riding on the "wake" of the COVID pandemic, WHO hopes to centralize authority in itself for future health emergencies. The United States, as well as other member nations of WHO, would essentially turn over our own sovereignty to the international organization. The groundwork for all of this is being decided in Geneva now.

On the agenda is a "global pandemic treaty" backed by the Biden administration. In addition, the confab is considering hundreds of amendments to international health rules. If they succeed, U.S. decisions on healthcare would not be made by the American people through our elected officials, but by unelected bureaucrats at WHO. These are the same bureaucrats and globalists who literally were wrong about every important decision they made in the COVID pandemic. In addition, WHO seemed more concerned with protecting communist China from blame for unleashing COVID rather than finding out the truth.

JDFI Board Member, Michele Bachmann, is in Geneva right now closely monitoring the proceedings. She is deeply concerned that WHO's real agenda is global governance. We share her concerns.

It is not too late for WHO to be stopped in its power grab. This year's Geneva meeting will be followed with other conferences at the U.N. and elsewhere. If all goes as planned, one year from now there is likely to be a final vote that could strike a body blow to American liberty.

JDFI will work tirelessly to alert our lawmakers about what's at stake in Geneva. Neither the Biden administration nor any future administration should be allowed to surrender American sovereignty to a globalist bureaucracy.

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