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January 10, 2024

Words Can Kill

Why have those of us who believe in the sanctity of life lost seven straight state referenda across America since the overturn of Roe v. Wade? The pro-life movement is working overtime to answer that question. If the trend continues in 2024, we could again experience a gigantic disappointment with a pro-abortion president and a pro-abortion majority in the Senate. And, of course, that would mean more innocent pre-born children will die.

Studies in the seven states that voted pro-abortion show some disturbing trends. Turnout by pro-life voters, including pro-life Christians, was lower than expected in each state. The pro-abortion movement outspent us on media ads and grassroots organizing, sometimes by massive margins. We can't let that happen again in 2024.

But there is another challenge, too, that must be recognized and addressed. The modern pro-abortion movement is extremely radical, embracing abortion on demand in all nine months of pregnancy for any and all reasons. Knowing most Americans reject that position, they have made a subtle change in their rhetoric, including exploiting words and ideas generally associated with conservatism.

The Wall Street Journal analyzed the messaging changes in their December 30/31 issue. They found that the word "choice" has fallen into disfavor. A few months ago, the pro-abortion group NARAL Pro-Choice America changed their name to "Reproductive Freedom for All." Polling shows the word "freedom" is key. In Kansas, where we lost a ballot initiative, our opponents started a new group called, "Kansas for Constitutional Freedom." "Freedom" polls better than "abortion" or "choice."

The pro-aborts are exploiting anti-government sentiment, too. The pro-abortion group in Arkansas calls themselves, "Arkansans for Limited Government," a conservative name.

Ads in all the states that voted pro-abortion featured the theme that the pro-aborts wanted to ensure that families - not government - have the "freedom" to make their own personal decisions. By the way, all of this is similar to how the gay rights movement pushed the "freedom to marry."

The irony is the pro-abortion movement is anti-freedom in every way. It deprives the innocent child of his or her right to live. It actively works to take away the freedom of all Americans by forcing us to pay for abortions. It opposes parental rights and tries to use the government to allow minors to get abortions, regardless of what the mother and father want for their child.

Don't be deceived!

For more information, please visit our Pregnancy Resource Center Ambassador Page

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