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November 29, 2023

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August 05, 2016

Ideas for Anniversary "Getaways"

The key word here is memorable. Look for opportunities to get out of the rut and routine for a couple of hours or a couple of days. A fresh setting and uncustomary activities can lift your time together out of the mundane and weave it into the stuff of memory.

1. Find a quaint "bed and breakfast" establishment in your town or in a neighboring community.

2. Look into staying at a rustic lodge at a national park or national monument.

3. Forsake the "friendly skies" and take a train trip to another city for a night or two.

4. If you live in the country, spend a weekend in the city and enjoy the lights. If you live in the city, spend a weekend in the country and enjoy the stars!

5. Take a long walk along a scenic trail.

6. Make a memory—and enjoy some laughter--by trying something neither of you have tried before: horseback riding, a cruise in a riverboat or ferry, exploring a cave, going up in a hot-air balloon, riding in a dune buggy along the beach, attending a dinner theater, renting a tandem bicycle or???

7. Arrange a date called "Old Haunts," in which you and your spouse revisit the restaurants, theaters, and school settings that were favorites during your courtship.

Ideas for Anniversary Conversation Starters

The watch-words here are positive, non-threatening, and forward-looking. This is an evening to enjoy! Steer away from topics that raise blood pressure, resurrect old arguments, stir up bitterness, or slog through the murk of unhappy memories. The object is to enjoy one another's company while moving your relationship in a positive, hopeful direction.

What two or three things would you love to see develop in our relationship in the coming year?

What are three major goals you would like to accomplish this year?

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being highest), where are you in your spiritual life? How might we better encourage one another in this area?

What are three things God has taught you over the past couple of years?

What friendships would we like to foster as a couple?

What one thing could I do more of this year to serve you?

From Dr. Dobson’s book Love for a Lifetime. Request this resource HERE.

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