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October 11, 2023

New School Year Resolution: Intentional Meal Time

Does it seem like your family gets busier with each school year? Do you find it difficult to spend quality time together? Well, there's a simple solution.

What is something that you most likely do every single day? Eat! Everyone eats. Regardless of your family's tastes, hobbies, or schedules, everyone has to eat! To spend more time together, take advantage of mealtimes. Make it your New School Year Resolution.

Like always, we can learn from Jesus. Jesus used mealtimes to fellowship with His disciples, teach valuable lessons, and share the Gospel. Jesus made breakfast on the beach to encourage Peter and the rest of His disciples. Jesus used a little boy's lunch to teach many people about the power of God. And Jesus used a meal with Zacchaeus to share the Good News of salvation.

You, as the wife, mother, and keeper of your home can do the same. When you are all gathered together for a meal, use your time wisely. Use it to learn about each other's day. Or help with a problem in school. Pray together. Laugh together. Just be there for each other. As your children grow and one day leave the house, what do you want them to remember? What traditions would you like them to continue with their own families?

I want my children to remember the many meals we spent together. I want my children to know we were always interested in their lives. I want them to remember our involvement and how we supported and encouraged each other. I want my children to place a high value on family and how they have impacted their lives. Mealtimes are a great way to grow and bond as a family.

Be intentional with mealtimes. And get creative. Meals together don't have to be a dinner around a dining room table. It could be breakfast together on your porch on a Saturday morning. It could be lunch in the backyard. It could be dinner at a campsite in your camper. It could even be s'mores for dessert around a fire pit! It's not about when and where. It's about being together as a family.

Look at everyone's schedule and find time to have a meal together. Remember the many examples of Jesus. You must be intentional. It just takes a little bit of planning — or a quick call for takeout! Your family mealtimes just may be the best part of this school year!

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