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Critical Issue #1 - The Next Generation

There is a fierce battle being waged now in our nation's classrooms for the hearts and souls of our children and grandchildren. Make no mistake, the secular culture is manipulating the minds of your sons and daughters every day of the year.

Remember, Adolf Hitler indoctrinated a generation through his Hitler Youth organization, and the world was forever changed. Today, there are those who seek to remake the United States. and following Hitler’s example, they are determined to accomplish their goals by controlling the next generation.

The Problem

Our sons and daughters have become a target of indoctrination. Small children barely old enough to read are being exposed to homosexual propaganda, sexual liberation, and other unbiblical and revolutionary concepts. While parents think early public education is about reading, writing, math, and social studies, many boys and girls are being taught concepts that would have horrified previous generations. Meanwhile, older students are having their Christian faith attacked in public schools and by the media. Many high schools and most colleges have become little more than training grounds for leftist activism.

Consider these examples:

  • Young children are exposed to “Drag Queen Story Hour” at local libraries.
  • Girls are taught to be sexually aggressive, while boys are taught that masculinity is harmful.
  • Parents are belittled and marginalized in the media, in schools, and through leftist policies touted by progressive government officials.


Anything activists can dream up can be imposed on our children by liberal judges. There is no consideration that the messages given will contradict the beliefs and convictions of millions of parents.

The Solution

Mothers and fathers must defend their children. Public schools can’t be counted on to instill your kids with moral virtue, nor can the media. Not even the church can bear this weighty responsibility; Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings can’t counteract the daily messages your children are receiving. But parents can provide the care and guidance that is needed, and can build into their sons and daughters the moral and spiritual foundation they need to navigate this world.

Take Action

Take responsibility for your children’s moral and spiritual development. It takes hard work and consistency, but nothing is more important. Even if you don’t homeschool your children, you need to be intimately involved in their education. What are they learning, and from whom? What curriculum is your school using, and why? What are the goals of local and national officials and groups like the National Education Association, and are they serving your children, or using them? And importantly, support local and national candidates for office who will protect your rights as a parent and will oppose a progressive agenda. Learn about the platforms of our major political parties and steward your vote accordingly.

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