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September 28, 2015

6 Ways for Singles to Wait Well

When I first heard the news of Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ engagement I was surprised and delighted. Every single woman I’ve talked to—and most likely countless singles across America and beyond—have been astonished by her recent announcement.  

Why is this big news in Christian singles world?
As you may know, Miss DeMoss is over age 50 and she has never been married. This fact gives hope to many discouraged single women and men—that marriage could still happen for them despite their age or circumstances. 
In addition to being a woman who is marrying for the first time later in life, Miss DeMoss has often talked about singleness in her books, speaking, and online media. She is known for being a godly woman and speaker who talks about many spiritual topics, including one that is near to our hearts and life experiences: being single.
So now that this wonderful, never-married woman is getting married (to Robert Wolgemuth, an author and a literary agent whose agency represented her years ago—and whom she has known for more than ten years), this couple’s blessing has blessed many others!
Miss DeMoss shares her engagement announcement and video on her “Revive Our Hearts” website. Here’s a brief excerpt: 

"By now, you’ve heard that I am engaged to be married. I understand that you may be in a state of shock at this news. Based on the response of some who have learned about this development in recent weeks, they may sooner have expected the earth and the sun to collide!

Well, no one could have been more caught off guard by this turn of events than I. In recent years, I have found myself in the most settled, contented, healthy, fruitful place of life and ministry ever. I did not have the slightest inkling that He was about to call me to step out into a whole new realm of faith and service.
Enter the God of love, mystery, and surprises!"

In her engagement post, Nancy emphasizes that her life mission has not changed, “It will now be our life mission to magnify the Lord together and to shine a spotlight on the loveliness and the amazing, saving love of Christ, our heavenly Bridegroom…Our intent is to continue serving Him wholeheartedly, trusting Him to make us even more spiritually fruitful together than we could be apart,” she says. 

While I couldn’t be happier for this couple and their fantastic news, how do the rest of us in the singles world press on?  

Whether you are a never-married, divorced, or widowed single, here are six helpful ways to maintain your hope as you wait on God’s best—whether that includes a marriage partner or not.  
6 Ways for Singles to Wait Well  
1. Priorities. What or whom are you putting first in your life: God or finding a mate? The Lord desires to be first place in your life always—married or single. And with good reason, when we put Him first, everything else becomes aligned for His good purposes. Check out Matthew 6:33.
2. Prayer. Prayer changes things. Are you praying for your future and your future spouse? Ask God to help you become the man or woman He desires for you to be, and also pray for the man or woman he has for you to marry. Be specific. Our job is to surrender the dream, and trust God for the outcome. 
3. Passion. Live your dreams now. Don’t put them on hold or wait for a special someone to come along to buy a house, travel or start a business. Write that book or start that blog now. Serve in your church and community. Do what God has called you to in this season of life. 
4. Perseverance. Waiting can be hard, to be sure. But instead of being angry impatient, or anxious, you can trust in the One who loves you most to bring what is best for—His perfect will in His way and timing.  
5. Praise. Thank God for all he has done and is doing in your life. Instead of bemoaning your state of singleness, lift your head in gratitude for God’s gifts and blessings. In all seasons of life, God is good—and we praise Him. 
6. Peace. With a renewed perspective and the power of God, you truly can find peace being a single person. God is sovereign. He is in control and He knows what He’s doing. You can trust Him. 
It’s good to know that we can have peace because God has a plan. 
So, Nancy and Robert, we pray for God’s best blessings on your wedding and life together. Your joy has brought joy to so many others. 
May our great God be praised!