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Happy Father's Day

Fathers play an important role in the kingdom of God. Psalm 127 compares them to warriors and their children as arrows in their quivers. This passage also describes the type of battle in which fathers must engage.

We are told in verse 5, "They will not be put to shame when they contend with their opponents in court." This reference is not about physical warfare, but rather presenting arguments before a judge. In other words, dads who teach their kids biblical principles will fight together for truth in the public square.

This is a vital role that gives fathers a distinct purpose that extends to the next generation and eternity. Dads shouldn't shrink back from this God-given responsibility. Let's take hold of His direction for our lives and lead our families according to His Word, so that they might "not be put to shame." To those of you who have taken on the role of fatherhood, you are worthy of our honor. You are kingdom warriors!