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Nurturing a Child's Prayer Life - Part 2

Guest: Dr. Jerry Kirk, Candy Marballi, Rick Schatz

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Nurturing a Child's Prayer Life - Part 2

Guest: Dr. Jerry Kirk, Candy Marballi, Rick Schatz

Nurturing a Child's Prayer Life - Part 1

Guest: Dr. Jerry Kirk, Candy Marballi, Rick Schatz

The Flipside of Feminism - Part 2

Guest: Phyllis Schlafly and Suzanne Venker



Fueling the Passion in Your Marriage

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Finding True Love in a Grace Based Marriage

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A Story of True Love

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I Am Rahab: Touched by God, Fully Restored

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Forgiving What You Can't Forget

Turning the other cheek, as Jesus commands in Scripture, is especially difficult after we are hurt by a loved one. Today on Family Talk, Dr. James Dobson discusses the topic of forgiveness with the ...

Thriving in Love and Money

The number one topic that Jesus addressed during His earthly ministry was money. Today, Dr. James Dobson sits down with best-selling author and social researcher, Shaunti Feldhahn. The two discuss ...

The New Sexual Revolution

America's "Sexual Revolution" in the 60's and 70's was touted as a liberating crusade, but in reality, it warped God's design for human sexuality. Dr. James Dobson considers the continuing cultural ...

A Portrait of George H.W. Bush: Dr. Dobson Honors America’s 41st President

Today on this special edition of Family Talk, Dr. Dobson honors the life and legacy of President George H.W. Bush. He reflects on their many years of friendship, then replays his interview with our ...