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January 19, 2017

Where to turn in dark days

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. 
Psalm 34:18 

A man was sitting beside his young son’s bed. His son had been diagnosed with a fatal kidney disease, and his time was growing short. As the boy lay dying, the man picked up his journal and wrote…

Sitting at the bedside of my dying son at 3:48 in the morning. Weeping like crazy. Bertrand Russell once said that “no one can sit at the bedside of a dying child and believe in God.” Well I beg to differ. My faith is the thing that strengthens me. How else can I make it through? We cannot do anything else.

This fire drains away everything else. Nothing else satisfies my soul. I would love to save my son. I would easily give my life for his, but God has not chosen that path for us. He has chosen a vale of tears, but He will walk through it with me.

God doesn’t always give us an easy path in life. But in the midst of sorrow and pain, He walks through our dark days with us. And while we may not understand the purpose of our pain this side of heaven, we can be sure His plan is perfect.

He’s there in your dark days. Turn to Him!

Prayer Challenge:

Ask God to remind you of His promises to be with you on your darkest days.

Questions for Thought:

Why do you think many people forget God when hard times hit?

What trial are you going through today that you need God’s help to navigate?

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