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Mary Crowley's Journey of Faith - Part 2

Guest: Mary Crowley

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Marlene, John & Hannah Strege

Host: Dr. James Dobson

January 21, 2020

All life, from the moment of conception to natural death, is created in the very image of God Almighty. On this Family Talk broadcast, Dr. Dobson continues his conversation with John, Marlene and Hannah Strege, the first family involved in a snowflake adoption. They discuss their legal and societal advocacy for frozen embryos, and the growing awareness of this cause within the pro-life movement.

Meet the Guest(s)


Marlene, John & Hannah Strege

John Strege is a sports journalist and the first father to adopt a frozen embryo or Snowflake child. He has worked for Golf Digest for 22 years; and prior, he worked for the Los Angeles Times and the Orange County Register. He has written seven books, two of which were New York Times best-sellers. His latest book is the Streges story of embryo-adoption and is titled, A Snowflake Named Hannah: Ethics, Faith, and the First Adoption of a Frozen Embryo. John is a Lifetime Honorary member of the Baseball Writers Association of America, and an active member of the Golf Writers Association of America. Marlene Strege is wife to John and the mother of Snowflake daughter, Hannah. Shes an occupational therapist who works with special needs children. Marlene received a B.S. from the University of Southern California. She was the first mother to adopt a frozen embryo, and gave birth to Hannah in 1998. For more than 20 years, Marlene has been an advocate for embryo adoption. She has been a guest at the White House three times, including when President George W. Bush vetoed a bill that would have federally funded embryonic stem cell research. Marlene and John have been married 34 years. Hannah Strege is the daughter of John and Marlene. She is the first adopted frozen embryo or Snowflake and was born in 1998. Hannah is a junior at Biola University, a Christian college in La Mirada, California. She is majoring in sociology and plans to pursue a Masters degree in social work, with the intent of entering the adoption field. When Hannah and other previously frozen embryos were given a chance at life, it put human faces to the contentious ethical debates that followed embryo adoption. Hannah has been on the front lines of the debate her entire life.

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