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Christian Resistance: Learning to Defy the World and Follow Jesus - Part 2

Guest: James Spencer, Ph.D.

Rebekah Hagan

Host: Dr. Tim Clinton

October 28, 2022

As a college freshman, Rebekah Hagan found herself pregnant with her second child. Already an unwed mother to her son, Eli, whom she had when she was seventeen, Rebekah was overwhelmed and fearful. On today’s edition of Family Talk, she shares with our own Dr. Tim Clinton that she proceeded with the steps to have a medication abortion with the rationale that she would rather face her Heavenly Father later, than her earthly father’s disapproval now. After taking the abortion pill at a nearby Planned Parenthood, she had instant regret. In God’s providence, Rebekah found the website AbortionPillReversal.com, and was connected with a pro-life doctor who prescribed progesterone to counteract the deadly abortion pill. Eight months later, Zechariah, her healthy baby boy, was born.

Meet the Guest


Rebekah Hagan

Rebekah Hagan is a pro-life advocate, and one of the movement’s youngest speakers on the issues of teenage pregnancy, abortion, and abortion pill reversal. Raised in a Christian home where the procedure was never discussed, Rebekah’s service in pro-life ministry was unplanned and fueled by firsthand experience. She became pregnant at seventeen and had her son, Eli, and again with a second child while in her first year of college. Feeling ashamed and fearing that she would lose her family and be forced to drop out of school, Rebekah thought that raising two children alone would be impossible. At just over seven weeks pregnant, and in the height of her confusion, she began a medication abortion process that changed her life. Surprisingly, in a moment of clarity, her eyes and her heart were opened to what might be possible by trusting God instead. And her story does not end there! Rebekah’s testimony and her writings have been shared by local and national media, as well as religious and secular organizations, including Vice News, HBO, Students For Life, Live Action, and Epoch Times. She is a graduate of William Jessup University, and serves as a development officer at Heartbeat International. Rebekah and her family reside in Northern California.