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Todd Starnes and Dr. Arch Hart

Host: Dr. James Dobson

February 04, 2019

youll hear a special clip featuring Dr. Dobsons recent appearance on the Todd Starnes Radio show. Dr. Dobson expressed his anguish for the latest abortion law passed in New York. The remainder of the show will include Dr. Dobsons classic conversation with Dr. Arch Hart, as they discuss the various dependences people struggle with, and highlight the need for moderation.

Meet the Guest


Todd Starnes and Dr. Arch Hart

Dr. Arch Hart is a former dean of the School of Psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary, he is now retired from full-time teaching. He taught for years in the Doctor of Ministry program at the seminary, in addition to his teaching and mentoring responsibilities in the School of Psychology. Dr. Hart is a clinical psychologist and a board certified psychopharmacologist. He has published 33 books, most recently The Digital Invasion: How Technology is Shaping You and Your Relationships. Dr. Hart and his wife have three daughters, four grandsons, and three granddaughters. Todd Starnes is the host of FOX News & Commentary heard daily on hundreds of radio stations around the nation. He also writes a column and hosts a digital show for FoxNews.com. Todd also makes regular appearances on Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network. He is the author of four books including, God Less Americaand Dispatches From Bitter America. Todd's journalism has been awarded the Edward R. Murrow Award, an Associated Press Mark Twain Award, and the National Religious Broadcasters Board of Director's Award. Head to ToddStarnes.com for more.

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