Beloved Unbeliever - Part 1

Dr. James Dobson
Jo Berry
Being unequally yoked with a spouse who is not a believer can be a conflicting and painful situation. The late Jo Berry sits down with Dr. Dobson to talk about her spiritual struggle with her husband and the touching triumph that played out in Gods perfect timing. Its all about encouragement for spouses who are still in the midst of a similar battle, today on Dr. James Dobsons Family Talk.

Meet the Guest


Jo Berry

The late Jo Berry was an author, lecturer, Bible study teacher, and director of the Center of Creative Ministries, in Granada Hills, CA.Jo graduated from the University of Southern CA, and was a consultant for David C. Cook Publishing. She worked for 10 years as a reading specialist in the Los Angeles Public Schools. Jo was married to George, and wrote 14 books including Beloved Unbeliever, Making Your Life a Ministry, and Managing Your Life and Time.

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