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Christian Resistance: Learning to Defy the World and Follow Jesus - Part 2

Guest: James Spencer, Ph.D.

Brad Dacus

Host: Dr. Tim Clinton

April 26, 2022

When two Oregon teachers were fired for objecting to being forced to use incorrect pronouns when addressing gender-confused students, they contacted the Pacific Justice Institute. Thanks to their pro bono lawsuit, their positions were reinstated. On today's edition of Family Talk, Brad Dacus (DAY-kus), president of this Christian legal defense organization, highlights similar cases they have taken on behalf of religious liberty. Wherever modern-day "Davids" are standing tall in the face of giants, Pacific Justice Institute unapologetically defends them,free of charge.

Meet the Guest


Brad Dacus

Brad Dacus (DAY-kus) is the founder and president of Pacific Justice Institute, a non-profit legal defense organization whose mission is to defend religious liberties and parental rights, no matter the case, for those who cannot defend themselves. He served as legislative assistant to U.S. Senator Phil Gramm, and went on to receive his Juris Doctor from the University of Texas, School of Law. Brad coordinated religious freedom and parental rights cases throughout the western states prior to founding Pacific Justice Institute in 1997. PJI has 20 offices in 16 states, a network with hundreds of volunteer affiliate attorneys, and handles more cases on the west coast than any other legal non-profit organization of its kind. Brad can be watched daily on Brad Dacus Live on Hischannel.com, and heard weekly on The Dacus Report on more than 700 radio stations across the country. He has appeared on CBS Evening News, CNN, Dateline NBC, Good Morning America, NBC News, and FOX News.