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Jonathan Teague

Host: Dr. James Dobson

July 09, 2019

What are the best ways for the church to engage the millennial generation? On todays Family Talk broadcast, Dr. Dobson continues talkingto Minister Jonathan Teague from Prestonwood Baptist Church. They examine young peoples disconnect with the concept of absolute truth, and emphasize why mature believers must disciple and minister to millennials.

Meet the Guest


Jonathan Teague

Jonathan Teague currently works as Minister to Married Adults at Prestonwood Baptist Church. He grew up a pastors kid, and felt a call to full-time ministry at 16. Jonathan previously worked as a Student Pastor for 8 years. He received his Bachelors Degree in Speech Communication and Leadership from Hardin-Simmons University, and holds a Masters in Christian Education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Currently, Jonathan is completing his Doctorate in Educational Ministry, with an emphasis on Leadership. He has been married to his wife Michelle for 16 years. They have 4 children.

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