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Ken Harrison

Host: Dr. Tim Clinton

January 20, 2021

For Christian men to be spiritual leaders in their homes, they need to possess the fear of the Lord. That's one of the fundamental messages shared by Ken Harrison, chairman of Promise Keepers men's ministry. On today's edition, Ken and co-host Dr. Tim Clinton candidly discuss the lure of pornography, along with finding true intimacy with your wife, and the necessity of praying together as a couple.

Meet the Guest


Ken Harrison

Ken Harrison is chairman of Promise Keepers and CEO of WaterStone, a Christian foundation. He started his career as a police officer, serving with the Los Angeles Police Department, where he received numerous commendations and awards, including a nomination for the Police Star for Bravery. Ken graduated from the Marine Corps Officer Candidate School and received two bachelor's degrees, one in English literature and the other in management and communications. He has authored two books, including Victors and Victims and Rise of the Servant Kings. Ken has been married to his wife for 28 years and they have three children.

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