Religious Liberties Under Fire

Dr. James Dobson
Kelvin Cochran
The Word of God is clear about many subjects but in todays culture, it is under attack on all sides. Former U.S. Fire Administrator and Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran tells the story to Dr. Dobson of his being persecuted and eventually fired because of his unwavering stance on what the Bible says about freedom from guilt and shame. Listen to a story of perseverance, righteousness, and hope

Meet the Guest


Kelvin Cochran

Kelvin Cochranwas the first African-American fire chief of Shreveport, Louisiana in 1999.He helped the New Orleans Fire Department in 2005 in response to Hurricane Katrina and in 2009, Kelvin was appointed by President Obama as Administrator of the United States Fire Administration. In 2010, Kelvin was named Fire Chief of Atlanta Fire Department. He is also author of the book Who Told You That You Were Naked?Married to Carolyn Marshall Cochran and the father of three children and grandfather to one grandchild.

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