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Christian Resistance: Learning to Defy the World and Follow Jesus - Part 2

Guest: James Spencer, Ph.D.

Randy & Marcia Hekman

Host: Dr. James Dobson

April 19, 2022

Do you believe, as Psalm 127 declares, that children are a gift from God? If so, does that include allowing Him to determine the size of your family? On today's edition of Family Talk, Dr. James Dobson continues his discussion with Randy and Marcia Hekman, who believe the fundamental truth that their 12 kids are God's children, even though they gave birth to them and raised them. Despite culture's casual approach to abortion and birth control, because God is sovereign, is it possible that He might want to bless the world with more Christ-following children through you?

Meet the Guest


Randy & Marcia Hekman

Randy Hekman is the executive director of The Grand Awakening, a ministry that exists to inspire yearning and prayer for revival in the Church in West Michigan. He is also a licensed attorney, former prosecuting attorney, former juvenile court judge and founding executive director of Michigan Family Forum. From 2005 to 2011, Randy was the executive pastor at Crossroads Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He graduated from George Washington University Law School with a J.D. in 1972, and was the youngest judge to be elected in Michigan in 1974. He has authored three books, including Truth That Sets America Free and Sweeter by the Dozen. Randy and his wife, Marcia, have 12 children and 35 grandchildren.

Marcia Hekman is the chief assistant of The Grand Awakening, and also a prayer warrior, development director, and best friend to her husband, Randy Hekman. Marcia was a high school teacher for a few years and then became a full time home-maker. She and Randy reside in Michigan with their family.