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February 29, 2024

In this week's episode of Defending Faith, Family, and Freedom with Gary Bauer, senior vice president of public policy at the James Dobson Family Institute, Bauer shares highlights from the 2024 National Religious Broadcasters convention in Nashville. He speaks specifically about former President Donald Trump’s keynote speech, where he called out the Left’s war on Christians, through their attempts to rebrand Jesus-serving, America-loving Christians as “Christian Nationalists.” The term is intended to scare the general electorate into believing that all conservative voters are Nazis. It is also meant to intimidate believers from speaking out on issues such as abortion, gender ideology, and open borders. Those who heard Trump’s speech, which received virtually no coverage in the mainstream press, have called it the singularly most pro-Christian speech they had ever heard from a past or current President of the United States, or from anyone running for office. You will want to listen to this special podcast to hear the details. And when you do, share this podcast with your family and friends.