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March 25, 2024

In this week's episode of Defending Faith, Family, and Freedom with Gary Bauer, senior vice president of public policy at the James Dobson Family Institute, Bauer interviews special guest Tom Rose, who shares how the Israeli people are reacting to Sen. Chuck Schumer's recent anti-Israel speech. Rose says the vast majority of Israeli citizens were shocked to hear Sen. Schumer equate Hamas, a genocidal terrorist organization, with the democratically elected leader of Israel. The Israeli people are left to believe the Democratic Party has chosen the side of Hamas over Israel. Worse still is that in a recent phone call between President Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Biden warned Netanyahu that there would be grave consequences should he send forces into Rafah to destroy Hamas. In a formal follow-up, Netanyahu said in a news release that the future of Israel rests with the sovereign state of Israel and its people alone.