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Nurturing a Child's Prayer Life - Part 2

Guest: Dr. Jerry Kirk, Candy Marballi, Rick Schatz

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Nurturing a Child's Prayer Life - Part 2

Guest: Dr. Jerry Kirk, Candy Marballi, Rick Schatz

Nurturing a Child's Prayer Life - Part 1

Guest: Dr. Jerry Kirk, Candy Marballi, Rick Schatz

The Flipside of Feminism - Part 2

Guest: Phyllis Schlafly and Suzanne Venker


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March 25, 2024

A Bad Week For Our Republic Under God

Last week was a big week for the abortion industry and transgender insanity. Both causes want to eradicate God and morality from America. The anti-baby abortion cause received the full embrace of ...

March 20, 2024

God & Country

Okay, class, who said this?: "Without God, there could be no American form of Government, nor an American way of life. Recognition of the Supreme Being is the first — the most basic — expression of ...

March 18, 2024

Pro-Life Terrorists?

The attempt to demonize and criminalize normal pro-life, pro-family groups and viewpoints continues to expand in the United States. Students for Life of America is considering legal action after they ...

March 15, 2024

Biden White House Promotes Anti-Evangelical Hate

Are Evangelical Christians a "threat" to America? JDFI is outraged to learn that according to material coming out of the Biden administration, we are. Here are the details. A recent diversity, ...

March 13, 2024

Defending Religious Freedom

JDFI President Joe Waresak recently joined more than two dozen conservative, pro-family organizations in urging House Republicans to take a stand for religious liberty by adopting legislation ...

March 11, 2024

New Christian Group Enters the Arena!

In spite of all the efforts to demonize and discourage Christians from being active citizens, evidence is growing that churches are waking up to the dangers facing an America without God. JDFI ...

March 04, 2024

NRB And Trump

The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) 2024 convention in Nashville, Tennessee, was a great event. The JDFI team was there to tell over 1,500 attendees about the many new initiatives Dr. Dobson is ...

March 01, 2024

Our Rights: From God or Government?

"… but the thing that unites them as Christian nationalists—not Christians by the way, because Christian nationalist is very different—is that they believe that our rights as Americans, as all human ...