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Equipping Parents For the Culture War

Guest: Rebecca Hagelin

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Dr. Owen Strachan

May 09, 2024

Womanhood and The Beauty of Nurturing

In motherhood, a woman offers much attention, compassion, and communication to her loved ones. A mother often shows an innate sense of the state of her family's well-being. Gifted with such ...

April 24, 2024

Fighting Pornography, Man to Man

One of the simplest realities of life today is this: We're in a sexualized culture. As men, we feel this keenly. We men on average have a stronger sex drive than women, and we are oriented ...

April 24, 2024

Father to Son

Dear Son, As you're getting older, I wanted to write you about something crucial. This is a hard topic, and it's not always easy for dads to talk about it with our sons. Sometimes, as you ...

April 23, 2024

Prager and Pornography: Why We’ve Got to Kill Lust, Not Cultivate It

Dennis Prager went viral recently for proposing that pornography usage is a viable option for men. In a roundtable conversation with Jordan Peterson and others, Prager opined that “If ...

October 10, 2023

Rebuilding Men in the Age of “Toxic Masculinity”

All is not well with men today. Men are battling problems of many, many kinds. In fact, as I show in my brand-new book "The War on Men," men are struggling today in almost every area. ...

August 16, 2023

A Force More Powerful Than Sin: A Transgender Testimony

We Christians are facing a cultural tsunami: its name is transgenderism. Men, we are told today, can become women, and women can become men. The following is a true anonymous testimony of ...