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December 28, 2021

7 Threats in Our Times, #1: The Rise of the Scoffer and the Depraved Mind

Author: Dr. Del Tackett

There are two progressions in Scripture that appear to be manifested in our culture and in our times. These are not onward and upward progressions, but more of a downward spiral. One of ...

November 11, 2021

Dr. James Dobson's Election Reflections

Commentary written several days after the November 3rd election: Dear Friends, There is a heaviness within my spirit today on behalf of our beloved nation. I’m s

November 11, 2021

The War On Children

Dear Friends, I know many of you are deeply concerned about our country today, as I am. It is rocking and reeling like a ship on a stormy sea. Everything we have cherished about America

November 11, 2021

Protecting Our Children From Critical Race Theory

Dear Friends, As I pen these words, I have great concern that many people of faith and millions of conservative citizens do not understand the full meaning of what is called Critica

November 11, 2021

Dr. James Dobson Sounds the Alarm Over Two Democrat-led Bills That Could End Our 'Sweet Land of Liberty'

Dear Friends, Let me speak candidly to conservative Christians. I sense that many believers are struggling at this time. A spirit of fear and apprehension has gripped us as our nation h

November 11, 2021

Where Do We Go From Here?

Dear Friends, These are momentous and dangerous days for our country and its people. When I last wrote to you in late December, this was my opening statement:

November 10, 2021

America is Heading in the Wrong Direction

A recent poll reveals that 7 out of 10 Americans believe the U.S. is headed in the wrong direction. The poll, conducted by NBC News, reveals that 54 percent of respondents disapprove of Pre

November 09, 2021

Biden Administration May Institute a "Marriage Penalty"

You can't have a strong nation without strong marriages and families. Unfortunately, recent actions by the Biden administration may deal another blow to the institution of marriage.