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Parenting Basics: The First Years - Part 1

Guest: Dr. Marilyn Maxwell, Dr. Patricia Francis, and Dr. Paul C. Reisser

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Parenting Basics: The First Years - Part 1

Guest: Dr. Marilyn Maxwell, Dr. Patricia Francis, and Dr. Paul C. Reisser

Teaching Girls To Be Ladies

Guest: Dr. James Dobson

Dr. Dobson: The Man Behind the Mic - Part 2

Guest: Chris Fabry


March 11, 2020

Arizona House Passes Bill that Would Protect Women's Sports

Author: James Gottry

Last week, the Arizona House passed—on party lines—the "Save Women's Sports Act." As noted by the Center for Arizona Policy, this bill seeks to preserve equal opportunities for women by

January 09, 2020

What does "Fairness for All" Mean for People of Faith?

Author: James Gottry

In December, a U.S. representative introduced legislation titled "Fairness for All," touting it as "a balanced legislative solution for preserving religious freedom and protecting LGBT ...

September 06, 2019

Boys in Girls Locker Rooms? This School Board Might Allow It

Author: James Gottry

Our public schools have a responsibility to protect the privacy, safety, and dignity of all students. But increasingly, government officials are being pressured to extend special privileges ...

September 10, 2018

5 Truths for True Love in Your Marriage

Author: Dr. Tim Clinton

We all carry relational wounds. So we go through life with a skewed definition of love. Our actions are often a far cry from true love. The truth is, we may be trying to “love” the other

December 15, 2016

The Woman's Role in Marriage

In a progressive culture, its easy to forget the biblical roles that God has clearly defined for men and women. Learn why its so important to embrace those roles as Gods grand design - ...

September 28, 2015

Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ Engagement and 6 Ways for Singles to Wait Well

When I first heard the news of Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ engagement I was surprised and delighted. Every single woman I’ve talked to—and most likely countless singles across America and

October 15, 2014

The Challenge: Technology Addiction

Author: Rebecca Hagelin

The couple and their three lovely children were ushered to their table in the outdoor restaurant overlooking the grand caldera on the beautiful island of Santorini. The night could not have ...

September 16, 2014

Don't Let Culture Corrupt Your Kids

The culture is at war with parents for the hearts and minds of their children. I dont need to describe this battle because you see it, too. Parents in decades past would not have believed ...