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The Rise of Malevolent Compassion

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Make Some Memories This Christmas

November 29, 2023

A Season of Giving Thanks

November 20, 2023

Parental Burnout

November 09, 2023


Senior Living Ministries

October 25, 2016

How to prepare yourself for battle

Looking back on history, these words must be considered some of the most foolish ever written. Yet they go to show simply how unaware many people in the United States were about the ...

October 19, 2016

What does “walk by the Spirit” really mean?

In 1933, bowler Bill Knox had a large screen placed just above the bowling lane so that he couldn’t see the pins. All he could see was a few feet in front of him. Yet, much to the amazement ...

October 12, 2016

Love transforms hearts

Fanny Crosby wrote many of the church hymns we sing to this day. In her later years, she visited a rescue mission in New York City. She was asked to speak before a crowd of homeless drug ...

October 05, 2016

How you can help combat spiritual ignorance

In 1883 in Allentown, New Jersey, a wooden Indian – the kind you’d see in front of a cigar shop – was placed on the ballot for Justice of the Peace under the fictitious name of Ab

October 05, 2016

The truth that’s behind your emotions

After the 1912 presidential election, Woodrow Wilson made a trip to visit an aged aunt whom he hadn’t seen in a long time. The two sat and talked for a while before she asked, “So what a

October 05, 2016

Your words come back to you

There once was a little boy named Billy who got in a fight with another boy at school – and lost. Billy got home, and his mother told him to put some ice on his black eye. While he was ...

October 02, 2015

Avoiding the Cancer of Concealed Sin

But the truth is, when we rearrange our lives to look cleaner, we’re doing nothing more than concealing the very things that need to be dealt with in our lives. So instead of hiding the ...

October 02, 2015

How To Stay Out of Life’s Bad Ruts

Most people would admit they’ve been stuck in a rut at some point in their lives. But how can we know if the rut we’re in is a good rut or a bad rut? In other words, how do we make sure