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Latest Broadcast

Courageous Choices - Part 2

Guest: Diet Eman


January 16, 2018

The Right Reaction to Unfair Criticism

The famous English evangelist George Whitefield learned that it was more important to please God than men. With full confidence that he was honoring the Lord, Whitefield endured scathing ...

June 28, 2017

Why Do I Feel Insignificant?


Growing up, most girls struggle with their looks and feelings of self-worth. Remember the horn that popped up on the absolute tip of your nose—the one you were sure everyone in the whole ...

May 11, 2017

Are heaven and hell for real?

In the 1800s, a well-known agnostic lecturer named Robert G. Ingersoll announced he would be giving an address on hell. Specifically, Ingersoll declared he would conclusively prove that ...