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Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America - Part 2

Guest: David Horowitz


August 09, 2017

Are You Expecting Too Much of Your Husband?


I pushed him away and slammed the door, making it very clear to Tim that the flowers he just brought me were not what I wanted. With a despondent yet agitated look on his face, he turned ...

August 02, 2017

4 Ways to Test Your Feelings

By what means can I test my feelings and impressions? What are the steps necessary to prove the will of God?

July 26, 2017

Should Christian Kids Ever Fight Back?

Question: Dr. Dobson, how much self-control and Christian responsibility can we expect of a child? For example, my five-year-old daughter has a rather passive personality, and she is ...

July 19, 2017

Understanding Anger

Listed below are the aspects of anger which are most important to remember:

July 12, 2017

Why Are You Afraid?

What imaginary fears are you supporting with contrived evidence? What role do rampant emotions play in your life? It is likely that what you feel, right or wrong, is a pervasive force in ...

June 07, 2017

Let God Reveal Himself


Life is all a matter of perspective. If you’ve ever gotten tumbled in the ocean waves, you know the feeling of being completely out of control. Try as you might, there’s nothing you can

May 17, 2017

Do You Accept Your Spouse As Is?

Question: What advice would you give to a woman whose husband just won't respond to her emotionally? That's my situation. Darrell is a good man, but he's not romantic, and he'd rather keep ...

May 17, 2017

From Disappointment To Reappointment

Author: Dr. Tim Clinton

Sometimes the crystal bowl is not just broken; it is shattered, completely ruined, and beyond repair. Barring a miracle, our frantic efforts to fix it will be a waste of time and energy. ...