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Faith Must Be Tough - Part 2

Guest: Dr. James Dobson

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Faith Must Be Tough - Part 2

Guest: Dr. James Dobson

Faith Must Be Tough - Part 1

Guest: Dr. James Dobson

Confronting Guilt in Motherhood - Part 3

Guest: Julie Barnhill


December 13, 2017

What Can Kids Teach You About Heaven?

In her memoirs, First Lady Rosalynn Carter told of some of the odd things she learned about White House history when she was there. One thing she learned was that the children of James A. ...

October 31, 2017

Teaching Children About Jesus and Faith

Question: Dr. Dobson, I have heard you say that the most important responsibility for Christian parents is to teach their children about Jesus Christ. We are new Christians and new parents. ...

October 31, 2017

Why Wont Children Obey The Rules?

Why can't parents get children to obey just by explaining what they want them to do? Why is it so often necessary to punish or raise our voices to get them to cooperate? Why can't they just ...

September 06, 2017

What does it mean to be free in Christ?

A little boy had fallen ill and stayed home from school one afternoon. His mother was concerned he’d get behind, so she taught him the lesson for the day at home. The subject was ...

August 16, 2017

Change to Receive His Unchanging Love


In the midst of life changes, including unemployment, illness, loss, relocation, and retirement, you can be comforted by knowing that God’s love doesn’t change. He’s with you in t

January 08, 2016

Increasing The Mental Ability of Young Children

Research has shown that parents can, indeed, increase the intellectual capability of their children. This conclusion was first reached through the renowned Harvard University Preschool ...

February 19, 2015

Timing of Sex Education

Let me offer some counsel now, to mothers and fathers who want to handle the instruction of their own children and are looking for a few helpful "how-tos." My hat is tipped to them. Even in ...