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August 09, 2017

The Unimaginable Power and Wisdom of God

Several years ago, there was a Broadway theatrical performance called, "Your Arm's Too Short to Box with God." I didn't see it, but I agree with the premise behind the title. The human ...

June 21, 2017

Getting Smart with Making Decisions

Are you losing sleep because you have a big decision to make? Like where to go to college or whom to marry. Perhaps you’re torn between two job offers and you’re just not sure which way

May 17, 2017

Invest Your Time Wisely


Do you ever find yourself feeling guilty at the end of the day for wasting time? You beat yourself up because there were things that needed doing, and you just didn’t do them. And the ...

April 03, 2017

The Power of Wisdom: Making Better Choices in Your Dating Life

Dating isn’t always easy. That’s for sure. Whether your dating life has been desert dry and you haven’t had a date in months (or years), or you’re just starting to like som

February 01, 2017

Our Whole Heart

Author: Dr. Tim Clinton

Sampson. Powerful and strong. It is interesting that his strength was not really in his hair. His strength was in his heart. He was a Nazirite. The Hebrew word nazir means “consecrated”

January 16, 2017

The key to becoming a better Bible student

Pastor Joseph Parker ministered for years at City Temple in London, England. One morning, an elderly woman walked up to him after a service and thanked him for shedding some much-needed ...

December 15, 2016

17 Tips to Help You "Love Tough": 1 - 10

Let me get very specific with those of you who are single but wish someday to be married. (No insult is intended to those who are single by design and wish to remain unmarried. That is a ...

December 13, 2016

Wise Men Still Seek Him

Author: Dr. Tim Clinton

A manger. The baby Jesus. Mary. Joseph. A star. No Christmas play would be complete without the three wise men. Matthew records the amazing story of the “Magi” who “after Jesu