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January 16, 2023

Too Many Christians In Congress?

The Pew Research Center has done an analysis of the religious make up of the 118th Congress that was just sworn in. Pew concluded that Congress "remains largely untouched by two trends that have long ...

January 12, 2023

Life Votes In House

The battle among House Republicans over the house speakership and rules governing the chamber in the new 118th Congress is over. Part of the agreement guarantees that seven specific pieces of ...

January 10, 2023

Get Them to Church On Time

The signs are everywhere. America's youth are in trouble. According to social psychologist Jonathan Haidt, Americans who were born after 1995 "have extraordinarily higher rates of anxiety, ...

January 09, 2023

Churches In Danger

There is a growing dangerous trend in the United States of vandalism and violence aimed at places of worship. Increasing numbers of synagogues have been targeted by anti-Semitic extremists. Dozens of ...

January 05, 2023

Thought Control?

Can you imagine being arrested because you simply said a prayer on a public sidewalk—not out loud, but in your own mind? This actually happened to a Christian woman a few days before Christmas, not ...

December 29, 2022

Big Government and Big Lies

A "bombshell" video has emerged of a powerful government official organizing a campaign to convince big tech companies to censor debate on appropriate medical treatments for children suffering from ...

December 22, 2022

Cameron Beats the Censors

Kirk Cameron, the Growing Pains actor, Christian author, and father of six has an update on his battle with "intolerant" libraries. Here's the backstory. Cameron has written a new children's book, As ...

December 21, 2022

A Nurse Fights Back

The Biden administration has declared "legal" war against pro-life Americans. Now, a courageous Christian nurse, Stephanie Carter, has stepped forward to fight back with a lawsuit that is likely to ...