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Guest: Katie Davis Majors

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September 27, 2017

How to have joy this Christmas… no matter what

A missionary arrived in a small Chinese town where she would begin her ministry. As soon as she stepped off the train, she noticed that much of the little town had been destroyed. She spoke ...

July 11, 2017

Believing in God’s abundance

A missionary in Mexico told about a village where he was doing ministry. The villagers here had what he called a “scarcity mentality.” They believed there is only so much of the pie, and

March 15, 2017

Send Me


Isaiah proclaimed his wonderful prophecies of the coming Messiah and King during treacherous and dangerous times. The nations around Judah were conspiring to invade. They were “plotting the ...

February 23, 2017

Why faithfulness is all that matters

There was a missionary in China who rode the bus every day. This gave her a great chance to meet new people and get into conversations about Christianity. She would sometimes hand out ...