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Marriage and Parenting

Marriage and Parenting

For years, families have found daily direction in Dr. Dobson's very popular devotional series Night Light for Couples and Night Light for Parents. We're excited to announce the practical and biblically-based lessons from these books are on video!

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Meet the Hosts

Pastor Brenen and Morgan

Pastor Brenen & Morgan Beeler

Brenen Beeler is the founder and lead pastor of Regenerate Church, based in Orange County, California and is the speaker of the national radio program Regenerate Radio.


Edwin and Katherin Reyes

Edwin and Katherin Reyes have been married since 2012 and have four children. They were high school sweethearts who met each other at church but were not walking with the Lord at the time.


Ron and Trina Alleyne

Ron and Trina Alleyne have been married for 17 years and live in the Atlanta metro area with their 6 children. Together, they serve their church and community and have a strong desire to help families grow in the grace of Christ.


Matt & Ariel Holcomb

As homeschooling parents, Matt and Ariel seek to apply the wisdom they’ve learned through the years so their children will know Christ and make Him known.

Jeremi & Amy Richardson

Jeremi & Amy Richardson

Jeremi and Amy are alumni of the CCM group AVALON and the Walt Disney Entertainment vocal group, The Voices of Liberty.

Dr. James Dobson

Dr. James Dobson
Dr. James Dobson is the Founder and President of Family Talk, a nonprofit organization that produces his radio program, “Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk.” He is the author of more than 30 books

Error or Opportunity?

When our spouse fails us or makes a mistake, it’s natural to respond with harsh, critical words. But this can drive a wedge between us that harms our marriage. In their new video, Brennen and Morgan ...

Sticks and Stones

Is your marriage a peaceful relationship filled with love and mutual respect? Or is it contentious and difficult? In this new video, Brenen and Morgan Beeler offer a practical way to create a happy, ...

Transforming Love

The seeds of divorce often take root when a home lacks two little words. If couples fail to say, "thank you," it can cause resentment and loneliness. In this new video, Brenen and Morgan Beeler ...

Side by Side

Few things are harder than going through a difficult time alone. Your spouse can either make those circumstances more challenging or share the burden. In this video, Brenen and Morgan Beeler share ...

The Gift of Sex

Part of training your children “in the way they should go” includes teaching them about sex. This can be difficult and uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to be. This video explains why it’s important ...

God's Justice

As adult Christians, we know that sin has serious consequences, but our children may not fully understand. That’s why it’s important that we teach them as much about God’s justice as we do His mercy ...

Love Your Enemy

What should you do when someone hurts you? We naturally want to retaliate. But Jesus tells us to "do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, and pray for those who mistreat you." That ...

God's Rules

The Ten Commandments are just a bunch of rules bent on robbing us of all our fun, right? Well, there’s another way to look at these laws. In this video, Morgan and Brenen Beeler explain God’s purpose ...

Hearts of Compassion

Everywhere we turn these days there are people in need. Some needs are small and easy to meet. But some are bigger and require us to get out of our comfort zone. In this video, Brenen and Morgan ...

A True Story of Attempted Kidnapping

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare—well-organized men in a department store, working together to kidnap your children and traffic them as modern-day slaves. It’s enough to keep you up at night!

An Important Step in Becoming a Complete Couple

When we look at problems from one perspective, we often don’t see the full picture. In this short video, Brenen and Morgan Beeler share a simple way to develop a more complete understanding. Doing ...

What to Do When You Disagree

There will always be disagreements in marriage. When we don’t see eye to eye, it doesn’t mean we have to fight. Brenen and Morgan Beeler explain that conflict turns to combat when we get angry. If ...

Fight for Your Marriage!

Marital conflict is normal, right? Our culture says it is, but God has a better plan. Brenen and Morgan Beeler explain that the Lord's creation of marriage is an illustration of the relationship He ...

Staying Fully Satisfied in Christ

It’s easy to let God slip out of the center of your marriage. What can you do when that happens? Brenen and Morgan Beeler share some practical things you can do every day to make sure He stays at the ...

When Life Begins to Unravel

Does it seem like your life is unraveling? Brenen and Morgan Beeler explain that when God is at the center of our marriage, He is that third strand that holds the rope together. When He is our daily ...

Finding Joy in the Cold and Dark Times

Do you want to find more joy in your marriage? Brenen and Morgan Beeler explain how to find that joy in this short video. They also encourage us to not grow weary in the cold and dark times. They ...

Where to Find Strength in Difficult Times

It can be hard to be happy when the circumstances around you aren’t going right. Difficult times can weigh heavy on us – and on our marriage. However, Brenen and Morgan Beeler remind us that things ...

How to Know You're Blessing Your Spouse

Serving is one of the constants that mom’s do every day to love their family. It's so often overlooked. In this video, Brenen and Morgan Beeler show just how much that service means to the family. ...

What "I Love You" Looks Like Every Day

If you’re struggling to find ways to show your spouse how much you love them, this video is for you. Brenen and Morgan discuss all the ways he shows her love each day. Some of the ideas are very ...

When Life Doesn't Go As Planned

Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. In this lighthearted video, Brenen and Morgan Beeler share one of the hiccups that occurred on their first date. The embarrassed Brenen and compassionate Morgan ...

How Couples Can Move Beyond the Emotion

Is this the person for me? That’s the natural question people ask before dating, courting, and ultimately getting married. The emotions can run high during this time, but Brenan and Morgan Beeler ...