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Courageous Choices - Part 2

Guest: Diet Eman

Marriage and Parenting

Marriage and Parenting

For years, families have found daily direction in Dr. Dobson's very popular devotional series Night Light for Couples and Night Light for Parents. We're excited to announce the practical and biblically-based lessons from these books are on video!

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Meet the Hosts

Pastor Brenen and Morgan

Pastor Brenen & Morgan Beeler

Brenen Beeler is the founder and lead pastor of Regenerate Church, based in Orange County, California and is the speaker of the national radio program Regenerate Radio.


Edwin and Katherin Reyes

Edwin and Katherin Reyes have been married since 2012 and have four children. They were high school sweethearts who met each other at church but were not walking with the Lord at the time.


Ron and Trina Alleyne

Ron and Trina Alleyne have been married for 17 years and live in the Atlanta metro area with their 6 children. Together, they serve their church and community and have a strong desire to help families grow in the grace of Christ.


Matt & Ariel Holcomb

As homeschooling parents, Matt and Ariel seek to apply the wisdom they’ve learned through the years so their children will know Christ and make Him known.

Jeremi & Amy Richardson

Jeremi & Amy Richardson

Jeremi and Amy are alumni of the CCM group AVALON and the Walt Disney Entertainment vocal group, The Voices of Liberty.

Edwin and Katherin Reyes

La carretilla de la confianza

Confiar en Dios cuando tu matrimonio está fallando puede ser un desafío. Pero tener fe en tu Padre Celestial y someterte a Él son los primeros pasos que debes dar para “no estar afanoso por nada”, ...

The Wheelbarrow of Trust

Trusting God when your marriage is failing can be a challenge. But having faith in your Heavenly Father and submitting to Him are the first steps you need to take to “be anxious for nothing,” no ...

Haz que lo superen

Mantener una relación saludable con un adolescente es un desafío que requiere que los padres elijan sabiamente sus batallas. Saber cuándo evitar los conflictos con tacto puede fomentar una relación ...

Get 'Em Through It

Maintaining a healthy relationship with a teenager is a challenge that requires parents to choose their battles wisely. Knowing when to tactfully avoid conflict can foster a strong and loving ...

Justicia Familiar

Las peleas son una parte natural del crecimiento, entonces, ¿cómo pueden los padres controlar la rivalidad entre hermanos? En este video, Edwin y Katherin Reyes explican que mamá y papá juegan un ...

Family Justice

Quarrels are a natural part of growing up, so how can parents control sibling rivalry? In this video, Edwin and Katherin Reyes explain that Mom and Dad play an important role in stewarding disputes ...

Laugh With Your Kids

Parenting can be intense and complex. In this video, Edwin and Katherin Reyes remind us that little ones can say and do some hilarious things. Don’t miss those moments! While we should never forget ...

Ríe con tus hijos

La crianza de los hijos puede ser intensa y compleja. En este video, Edwin y Katherin Reyes nos recuerdan que los pequeños pueden decir y hacer cosas divertidas. ¡No te pierdas esos momentos! Si bien ...

Wonders to Remember

The burdens of parenthood can easily rob us of our joy. When the kids disobey, throw tantrums, and create chaos, they can take all the pleasure out of being a mom or dad. In this video, Edwin and ...

Maravillas Para Recordar

Las cargas de la paternidad pueden robarnos fácilmente nuestro gozo. Cuando los niños desobedecen, hacen rabietas y crean caos, pueden quitarle todo el placer de ser mamá o papá. En este video, Edwin ...

A Lifestyle of Worship

Worship in our society is more of an afterthought. Many would rather play or sleep in on Sunday mornings. And the thought of having daily devotions with their family is a foreign concept to most ...

Un Estilo de Vida de Adoración

La adoración en nuestra sociedad es más una ocurrencia tardía. Muchos prefieren jugar o dormir los domingos por la mañana. Y la idea de tener devociones diarias con su familia es un concepto extraño ...

Edwin y Katherin Reyes Introducción

El Instituto de la Familia Dr. James Dobson continúa abriendo nuevos caminos con nuestra primera serie de videos sobre el matrimonio y la crianza de los hijos en español con subtítulos en inglés. Nos ...

Introducing Edwin and Katherin Reyes

The Dr. James Dobson Family Institute continues to break new ground with our first marriage and parenting video series in Spanish with English subtitles. We'd like to introduce you to Edwin and ...