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Confronting Guilt in Motherhood - Part 3

Guest: Julie Barnhill

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Marriage and Parenting

Marriage and Parenting

For years, families have found daily direction in Dr. Dobson's very popular devotional series Night Light for Couples and Night Light for Parents. We're excited to announce the practical and biblically-based lessons from these books are on video!

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Meet the Hosts

Pastor Brenen and Morgan

Pastor Brenen & Morgan Beeler

Brenen Beeler is the founder and lead pastor of Regenerate Church, based in Orange County, California and is the speaker of the national radio program Regenerate Radio.


Edwin and Katherin Reyes

Edwin and Katherin Reyes have been married since 2012 and have four children. They were high school sweethearts who met each other at church but were not walking with the Lord at the time.


Ron and Trina Alleyne

Ron and Trina Alleyne have been married for 17 years and live in the Atlanta metro area with their 6 children. Together, they serve their church and community and have a strong desire to help families grow in the grace of Christ.


Matt & Ariel Holcomb

As homeschooling parents, Matt and Ariel seek to apply the wisdom they’ve learned through the years so their children will know Christ and make Him known.

Jeremi & Amy Richardson

Jeremi & Amy Richardson

Jeremi and Amy are alumni of the CCM group AVALON and the Walt Disney Entertainment vocal group, The Voices of Liberty.

Matt and Ariel Holcomb

Growing up in Texas, Matt Holcomb was well acquainted with Dare to Discipline, by Dr. James Dobson. His parents relied heavily on the bestselling book. Back then, he didn’t appreciate the "discipline" part of his instruction as much as he does today. Matt and his wife Ariel now rely on the book just as his parents did to raise their two adopted children, Finn and Hazel Grace.

As a military pilot, Matt’s job has taken his family across the country and him around the world. With the constant moving, he and Ariel used the truths in this and other resources from the Dobson Family Institute to ground their marriage and their parenting in the Word of God. In 2021 their time in the military came to an end after almost 15 fantastic years.

Now they are slowly transitioning back to civilian life and plan to settle in West Texas where they met. As homeschooling parents, Matt and Ariel seek to apply the wisdom they’ve learned through the years so their children will know Christ and make Him known.

Talk to Your Teens About the Dangers of Drug-Use Today

Teenagers are dying because of recreational drugs like never before. According to the CDC, “The rate of overdose deaths involving synthetic opioids in 2021 was nearly 22 times the rate in 2013.” With ...

Help Your Kids Avoid Drugs and Other Teenage Problems

When your kids become teenagers, the world will present them with a plethora of temptations, including recreational drugs. In this video, Matt and Ariel Holcomb explain that the best way to help your ...

Your Children Belong to the Lord

One of the hardest truths every mom and dad must learn is that the children whom the Lord has blessed you with belong to Him, not you. That includes the government and anyone else who feels a sense ...

Training Children to Be Peaceful in an Age of Violence

It’s almost impossible to turn on the TV or watch a movie and not see an overabundance of fighting and hostility. Violence is everywhere, whether on the news or in our entertainment. In this video, ...

Parenting With Positive Media Messages

Shielding our children from harmful forms of entertainment isn’t just about prohibiting them from watching destructive images. Matt and Ariel Holcomb explain that it’s also about filling their minds ...

Teaching Children to Be Peacemakers

Our world is filled with violence and it has been this way since Cain killed Abel. While we can’t escape a violent culture, we do need to train our kids to live in harmony with others. In this new ...

No Vile Thing

Technology is impossible to avoid in our society. So how can Christian parents possibly protect their kids from stumbling into the depraved content that's available online? Matt and Ariel Holcomb ...

When Satan Uses Technology to Attack Your Home

Technology has provided an easy way for Satan to enter our homes with vile photos, videos, and messages that are harmful to our children. No matter how vigilant parents are, kids can still find it. ...

Preparing Children to Handle Online Temptations

No matter how vigilant parents are in trying to protect their children against the attacks of the enemy, Satan has a way of getting around safeguards. In this video, Matt and Ariel Holcomb explain ...

Not of This World

Parents face a daunting and often discouraging assignment. The barrage of evil that our children encounter daily is unrelenting and extremely hard to battle against. This is not new, but it does seem ...

Be Vigilant, Be Prepared

Parents must be vigilant in protecting their children against attacks made by the enemy. Moms and dads also need to be prepared for the unexpected. In this video, Matt and Ariel Holcomb share an ...

A 24/7 Assault on Our Children

There’s a full-scale assault on our children today, making parenting even more difficult. The Internet and smartphones, pornography, homosexuality, transgenderism, and a host of other issues are a ...

Meet the Holcombs and Their Children

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that behind the faces of our Marriage & Parenting couples are the kids who bring them much joy and a few challenges along the way. In this short video, Matt and Ariel ...

Our Priceless Joy

When the weight of parenting becomes overly burdensome, do you know what to do? Matt and Ariel Holcomb suggest a simple insight that can change the way your family relates to one another. This ...

Pure Lives

Teenagers who receive the active support of their family are much more likely to resist sexual temptation. In this video, Matt and Ariel Holcomb give a vivid example, from Dr. James and Shirley ...

Promises, Promises

Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair. Some parents think this rule doesn't apply to young children because kids naturally believe their parents, and they’re usually ...

The Blessing

You probably pray for your children regularly. But do your kids know how much you pray for them? Do they know what you pray for them? In this video, Matt and Ariel Holcomb tell a heartwarming story ...

Faith Talk

Our kids learn our bad traits easily. We don't even have to teach them (and hopefully we won't). We tend to think our kids will learn the good things we believe in the same easy way. But that's not ...

Honoring Mom and Dad

You’re probably familiar with the command in Scripture for children to honor their parents. But how do you teach your kids to follow this? In this new video, Matt and Ariel Holcomb explain what you ...

Is Honor Overdue?

How would your wife respond if you did something nice for her for no other reason than to say, “I love you”? In this fun video, Matt and Ariel Holcomb tell of a husband who decides to do just that. ...

Games People Play

Playing games is supposed to be fun. But there’s one game you should never play with your spouse. In this video, Matt and Ariel Holcomb explain what this game is and why it can do significant damage ...

Taken for Granted

Failing to appreciate the positive aspects of our spouses can really take a toll on a marriage. In this new video, based on the "Taken for Granted" devotional in Dr. James and Shirley Dobson’s book ...

Unsung Heroes

The world honors our mothers on Mother’s Day and our fathers on Father’s Day, but what about the rest of the year? Matt and Ariel Holcomb explain that most husbands and wives need just one person in ...

Family Wisdom From a Fighter Pilot and His Wife

Meet Matt and Ariel Holcomb! Growing up, Matt jokes that he didn’t really appreciate Dr. James Dobson’s book Dare to Discipline. But the discipline paid off, as he graduated from the U.S. Navy's ...