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Firm Foundations Romania: An Update with Sarah Vienna

Guest: Sarah Vienna

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Marriage and Parenting

Marriage and Parenting

For years, families have found daily direction in Dr. Dobson's very popular devotional series Night Light for Couples and Night Light for Parents. We're excited to announce the practical and biblically-based lessons from these books are on video!

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Meet the Hosts

Pastor Brenen and Morgan

Pastor Brenen & Morgan Beeler

Brenen Beeler is the founder and lead pastor of Regenerate Church, based in Orange County, California and is the speaker of the national radio program Regenerate Radio.


Edwin and Katherin Reyes

Edwin and Katherin Reyes have been married since 2012 and have four children. They were high school sweethearts who met each other at church but were not walking with the Lord at the time.


Ron and Trina Alleyne

Ron and Trina Alleyne have been married for 17 years and live in the Atlanta metro area with their 6 children. Together, they serve their church and community and have a strong desire to help families grow in the grace of Christ.


Matt & Ariel Holcomb

As homeschooling parents, Matt and Ariel seek to apply the wisdom they’ve learned through the years so their children will know Christ and make Him known.

Jeremi & Amy Richardson

Jeremi & Amy Richardson

Jeremi and Amy are alumni of the CCM group AVALON and the Walt Disney Entertainment vocal group, The Voices of Liberty.

Jeremi and Amy Richardson

Jeremi and Amy Richardson have been married for 20 years and have three beautiful daughters. Together they seek to encourage the Church through Christ-centered music.

As a couple, Jeremi and Amy have sung and led worship all over the United States, India, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Korea, Canada, Jamaica, Bermuda, and Israel. As the song goes forth, their prayer is that people will be: saved, healed, and delivered by the Holy Spirit's power.

Their newest audio release, Seasons, is being met with great joy. Containing songs that boast inspiring melodies and neoteric lyrics, Seasons is sure to bring you to a deeper awareness of who God is and what He has done. Their strong vocal performance accompanied by a compelling anointing leaves listeners with a beautiful vision of their creator. With songs including More (I Won't Run Away), Raise A Hallelujah, Defender, and Love Song, this album will weave you through anthems of praise and worship that reveal God's glory.

Jeremi and Amy are also alumni of the CCM group AVALON and the Walt Disney Entertainment vocal group, The Voices of Liberty.

Handling Damaged Emotions

Parents can’t always protect their children from getting hurt. That’s why it’s vital that Mom and Dad train their teens to handle damaged emotions biblically. In this video, Jeremi and Amy Richardson ...

Uniquely Qualified

Moms are uniquely qualified to provide at several critical conditions for a healthy, growing child. By providing them, a mom’s impact can be felt for a lifetime. In this video, Jeremi and Amy ...

Fathers and Daughters

Did you know that a father can have a big impact on the decision his daughter makes concerning who to marry? In this video from the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute, Jeremi and Amy Richardson ...

The Main Course

It doesn’t matter if life is going well, has significant challenges, or seems to be falling apart, Christians must worship God. In this video, Jeremi and Amy Richardson explain why it’s vital to ...

Anytime, Anywhere

Have you ever felt a strong urge to pray for someone? After you hear the story Jeremi and Amy Richardson tell in this new video, you’ll see how miraculous such urgings can be. It’s a moving story ...

A Self-Controlled Child

Nobody enjoys the tantrums and outbursts of an undisciplined child. But how do kids learn to not act out? In this new video, Jeremi and Amy Richardson explain why parents need to help their sons and ...

The Mystery of Romance

The love between a husband and wife is a picture of God’s deep affection for us. Romance within marriage should be exciting, powerful, and “a blazing fire” (Song of Solomon 8:6). In this fun and ...

Believe in Him

Did you know a wife can make or break her husband? Scripture indicates a woman has the ability to bring honor to her husband and greatly affect his life for the better. But the opposite can be true ...

Love In The Mirror

In this new video, Jeremi and Amy Richardson retell a shocking story from Dr. James and Shirley Dobson’s book, Night Light for Couples (page 201). During World War II, a young pilot suffered terrible ...

Decisions, Decisions

When two people try to make decisions together, there’s potential for conflict. Differing opinions often make finding common ground difficult. In this video, Jeremi and Amy Richardson explain how ...

A Holy Partnership

Many people view God’s design for marriage as patriarchal and authoritarian. In this new video, Jeremi and Amy Richardson explain that a husband should strive to mirror Christ’s love for His church. ...

Introducing Jeremi and Amy Richardson

Our “Keep the Light On” video series continues as the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute now presents Jeremi and Amy Richardson. They are not strangers to Christian ministry. Their music touched the ...